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Fania B

Roda Fourre-Tout Bag

Roda Fourre-Tout Bag

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Inspired by our Fania B Roda pendants crafted from tropical bio-materials like tagua and calabash, this unique bag radiates tropical woody elegance with captivating circular shapes of calabash.

With distinct abstract artworks on each side, it's like owning two bags in one!

One one side, the artwork is embellished with smooth leather patches

Be unique in style with a bag that blends functionality, abstraction and seamlessly. Embrace the essence of tropical beauty wherever you go.

Material: polyester, cotton, leather.

This bag is not water-resistant

How to care: dry cleaning only

Approx. size (without handles): 40.5 x 40.5 cm size.

This bag is a unique piece.

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