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Noir en Couleurs - Book

Noir en Couleurs - Book

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Noir en Couleurs (Black in Colours) is a collection of acrylic paintings on carbon black paper that explores the contrast between darkness and light, emptiness and fullness, despair and hope. Inspired by the abstract impressionism, expressionism and existentialism movements, Fania Bajot's paintings reflect her personal vision of the human condition in a chaotic and uncertain world. The colours and shapes of the paintings stand out against the black background, creating a striking and captivating effect that expresses the artist's emotions and thoughts. 

The book collates a series of 25 original abstract paintings part of the Noir en Couleurs collection.

Dimension of the book: 21 x 28 cm

Hardcover - 30 pages

*List of paintings included*:

Layer of Being - The Crown - Dancing Memories - The Layers of Womanhood - Hidden Truth - Comet - Le Guardien (The Guardian) - M.P.R - Constraints - Implosion - Deux Ames (Two Souls) - Ethereal Catalyst - Late Night Jazz - Carnaval de Nuit - Luminescence - Modern Absurdities - Seize the Moment - Blue Lands - Force of Sound Waves - Facing - Conflicted Man - Pour ma Mere (For my Mother) - Untitled - PET Addiction.

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