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Exotic Wood Necklace No.4

Exotic Wood Necklace No.4

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Tropical luxury for men with the series of Exotic Wood necklaces.

Demonstrate a modern style, close to nature that values aesthetics with this combination of exotic carved Brazilian wood sustainably sourced, and, green aventurine, black onyx or pale rose quartz.

Each piece is unique due to the natural variability of the wood elements, hence their number.

Uniqueness: The beauty of these necklaces lies in their individuality. Natural variations in the wood create a one-of-a-kind piece for each owner. You're not just wearing jewelry; you're showcasing a unique work of art.

Exotic Wood Necklace No.4: Embrace serenity with the delicate charm of rose quartz.

Materials: Our Exotic Wood Necklaces come with a durable leather cord and are accentuated with sterling silver, a timeless touch of elegance.

Dimensions: With an approximate full length of 480mm, our necklaces offer a comfortable fit for any occasion.

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