Tagua and Calabash: Crafting Sustainable Beauty with a Touch of Nature's Wonders.

At Fania B, our brand ethos is deeply rooted in the harmonious blend of travel, science, and art. We're passionate about creating unique, sustainable jewellery that resonates with these inspirations, and two remarkable materials embody our commitment to this philosophy.

Tagua: The Eco Artistry of South America

Tagua, also known as corozo or vegetable ivory, hails from the heart of South America. It's a nut produced by a palm tree and has a rich history in the fashion industry, primarily as an exquisite material for crafting buttons. What sets tagua apart is its natural white hue and mesmerizing marbled grain patterns, which become even more vivid when dyed.

The marbled pattern of tagua gives each piece a distinct character, reminiscent of the lush landscapes and vibrant cultures that inspire our brand. Moreover, these pieces often showcase dark patches, a subtle nod to their vegetable origin. At Fania B, we embrace the uniqueness of tagua, recognizing that each slice tells a story of its own.

Our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with our appreciation for nature, making tagua the ideal choice for our jewellery. It's natural, vegan, and embodies our dedication to eco-conscious materials. Each jewellery piece based on tagua is a testament to the artistry of nature, making it a perfect addition to your sustainable jewelry collection.

Calabash: A Journey from South America to Guadeloupe and Brazil

Calabash, a fruit originating from South America, adds an exciting dimension to our sustainable artistry. To clarify, our calabash comes from the lush regions of Guadeloupe and Brazil, not to be confused with the African vine, Lagenaria siceraria. The small tree, Crescentia cujete L, yields the distinctive calabash fruit we use to create our unique pieces.

At Fania B, our brand ethos embraces the world's beauty and diversity, and calabash exemplifies this philosophy. The journey of calabash from its Caribbean roots in Guadeloupe or from Brazil reflects the spirit of exploration that inspires us. We craft each jewellery pieces featuring calabash element with care, blending the beauty of South American nature with our artistic vision.

Tagua and calabash represent the perfect materials for our sustainable jewelry, reflecting our brand's commitment to eco-friendly practices. Each piece is a unique work of art, mirroring the travel, science, and artistry that drive our brand. Join us on this journey and embrace the world's beauty through our sustainable jewelry collections.


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